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Did you know that $1 of investment into Total Quality Management by Government, Industry, Education and Health Care Sectors can save up to $7 in future cost and expenses?

The Canadian Society for Quality (CSQ) is there to promote such a Quality Culture in order to make improvements in every walk of human lives, at work, in our work environment and personal lives.

We have begun to make the strides. But, achieving Quality is difficult. If it wasn’t, more companies would have quality; and since they don’t, it is hard.

We request you to donate generously to the noble cause. Your donations will help us pay for the office space rental, pay for monthly phone bills, and other sundry office expenses to help our ongoing research, educational and networking initiatives.

Any amount is highly appreciated. An individual or group donating $1,000 and above will have the donor’s name posted at our prestigious CANADIAN QUALITY DONORS “HALL OF FAME” webpage.

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Working together with quality professionals, and all organizations, big or small, for profit or non-profit, public or private, and with the help of volunteers and community members, we will continue to support the goals and objectives of CSQ’s current and future priority needs.

On behalf of CSQ’s board, we thank you for your generosity. Together we are changing the future of Canada’s role in quality profession.

Donate, volunteer, get involved – become a member, join our Board and get involved in Chapters across Canada!

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We thank you for your support!

[NOTE: Please note that CSQ is a government-registered non-profit organization, but it is not a charity organization, hence we shall not be able to issue a tax-refundable receipt for tax deduction purposes. But, if you would want a receipt any way, just let us know.]