Teacher, consultant, author and publisher.

He founded Productivity Press and is currently President of PCS Press. No one better understands than him the links between the functional areas of the Toyota management system, and the value of Lean, Kaizen in achieving quality and continuous improvement. He has published over 100 Japanese management books in English, and over three decades, up until 2016, Bodek visited Japan 86 times, toured more than 250 plants and taught the best of Japanese management at Portland State University. He is elected to Industry Week’s Manufacturing Hall of Fame.

Topic: The Human Side of Lean Management.

(excerpted from wikipedia)

In 1979, after working for 18 years with data processing companies, Bodek started Productivity Inc. and Press (which became an imprint of CRC Press) by publishing a newsletter called ‘Productivity’
In 1980, he attended an Industry Week conference in New York, where Joji Arai, manager with Japan Productivity Center, spoke about his role in bringing Japanese business people to the US to study American industry. Bodek asked Arai if he could bring Americans to Japan to study Japanese management. Arai agreed and set up Bodek’s first study mission to Japan.
Productivity Press discovered Shigeo Shingo in 1981 and published some of its first books in 1983 and 1985.
Over three decades, up until 2016, Bodek went to Japan 86 times, visited more than 250 plants and published over 250 management books. As a fortune cookie once told him, “You have the talent to discover the talent in others.”
On his 75th trip to Japan, Bodek met Mr Takashi Harada, who Bodek believed has the ultimate recipe for competing against low-cost labor in China and India. By 2011 the Harada Method had become recognized as one of the most systematic ways to enhance employee development. Harada has been adopted by Kirin Brewery, Uniqlo (retail clothing), Nomura Securities (financial services), The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, and Chugai Pharmaceuticals.
In 2005, Bodek won the Books and Monographs category of the Shingo Prize for Excellence in Manufacturing, a prize that awards companies worldwide that “achieve world-class operational excellence status,” for his book, Kaikaku, The Power and Magic of Lean.
In 2010, Bodek was inducted into Industry Week’s Manufacturing Hall of Fame. The award recognized him as one of a team of “industrial superstars whose collective careers have had an immeasurable impact and influence on U.S. manufacturing.”