You can download the papers from the 6th CQC, held in Winnipeg in 2014, here:

An Innovative Approach to Removing Formalin from our Operating Rooms

Lisa Manning, Gabor Fischer

Assessing Indicators of Motivation and Learning Among TQM Students in a Ghana Educational Institute

Godson Tetteh

Building a framework for quality improvement in the Edmonton Zone of Alberta Health Services, Edmonton, Canada

Dawn Hartfield

Does Registry Reporting of PROMs, Complications and Hospital Stay Data Make a Difference?

Eric Bohm, Lynda Loucks, Jim Diakiw, Lorena Thiessen, Lanette Siragusa

Ethics & Compliance in Business, Organizations and Supply Chains

Les Anderson

European Foundation of Quality Management: A Three-Dimensional Approach to Designing Measures

Seyed Amir Bolboli, Markus Reiche

Manitoba’s IN SIXTY Initiative: Tracking the Cancer Patient Journey

Dan Skwarchuk, Rick Guerard

No Time for Quality: How to Overcome Excuses

Jan Myszewski

Organizational Transformation Required to build a Learning Organization

Jane Norman

Prevention of catastrophic events In Oil & Gas, Petrochemical Process Plants And Nuclear & fossil fuel Steam Plants: A holistic Quality approach

Prasun Tagore

Professional Development of Quality Professionals

Roy Ramphal

Publishing with Emerald: Why Publish?

Jennifer Bowerman, Alan Gillies

Releasing Time To Care Implementation at Prairie Mountain Health

Val McKelvy, Jocelyn Scheper, Christine Miner, Shannon Bazylo

Risk-based Technology Assessment for Clinical Environments

Kyle Eckhardt, Andrew Hayes, Michael Hamilton, Tidi Gaamangwe

Success Factors for the Implementation of ISO 50001

Phillip Karcher, Roland Jochem

Supply Chain Proficiency in Relation to Resilience, Robustness, Social-Ecological Innovation and Enterprise Sustainability

Rick Edgeman, Zhaohui Wu

Surviving the Road Home: Leaving hospital when suicide is still an option

Allison Done

Tools to support the development of a quality culture in a learning organisation

Alan Gillies

Transforming Healthcare Leadership

Clifford Norman

Understanding Food Safety Laws and Quality Management approaches to facilitate Global Food Trade

Amit Kheradia, Divya Reddy, Anal Dave, Pradeep Balaraju

When change is evident: A review of Canadian OB/GYN guidelines

Becky Skidmore, Renée Dupuis-Leon, Radha Chari, Doug Wilson, Jennifer Blake