Last Year’s Keynote Speakers

Last Year’s Keynote Speakers

renee laflamme

Renée Laflamme

Executive vice-president, Industrielle Alliance

A Lean Improvement process and its impact on cultural and managerial transformation

Industrielle Alliance, 5 years ago, decided to become a lean organization in all its activities. Today, it is recognized as a leader on how to implement a lean culture in service organization.

suzanne blanchet

Suzanne Blanchet

Senior vice-president, Corporate Development Cascades Inc.

The Innovation way: Successes and challenges.

Cascades Inc. is a very dynamic organization that started to implement improvement process with integration of innovation techniques 20 years ago. Find out how they met many significant challenges.

james harrington

Dr. Jim Harrington

Past President of American Society for Quality (ASQ) and International Academy for Quality (IAQ)

From Continuous Improvement to Continuous Innovation

An author of more than 35 books on quality and innovation, Dr Harrington is one of the world-renowned pioneers of quality management.

pierre malenfant

Pierre Malenfant

General Manager, Steris Canada, Beauport (QC)

Winning the Shingo Prize: How the challenge was met by Steris Canada

This is the story of a first recipient of Shingo Prize, a prestigious award in Quebec that recognizes the level of achievement in lean practices.

johanne maletto

Johanne Maletto

General Manager, Quebec Quality Organization (MQQ)

The role of Quebec Quality Association (MQQ) in supporting the improvement practices

You will hear about the key role of the Quebec Quality Association and how it has helped transform the quality culture in Quebec organizations. A very impressive story.

alain ouellette

Alain Ouellette

Executive Director, Automazation, GE Aviation, Bromont, Canada

Winning the Quebec Quality Award is a demanding process, but worth the effort.

Featured Speakers

eric bellavance

Éric Bellavance

Senior Consultant, Continuous Improvement, Industrielle Alliance

Improvement process using lean management at Industrielle Alliance

Eric Bellavance is a key player that helped coordinate the improvement process using lean at Industrielle Alliance. A great opportunity to learn about how to overcome the obstacles to make a company-wide transformation.

michel bouvette

Michel Bouvette


The key steps in transforming organizational culture

A consultant and expert on organizational transformation with specialisation in lean culture transformation, Michel Bouvette will introduce the key steps to take to to succeed in your lean transformation. A very interesting speaker!

jean claude savard

Jean-Claude Savard

Président, J. C. Savard Consultants; Académician, International Academy for Quality (IAQ)

Why integration of continuous improvement with lean and innovation is so important?

As the Quebec government focus its strategy on innovation, all our organizations must learn to become more and more innovative. Very few are there yet; hear Jean-Claude Savard on how to take the key steps to start the total transformation.

patrick choquette

Patrick Choquette

Business Consultant, BDC

New tools and practices of innovation

Patrick is one of the most experienced consultants with experiences in merging quality and Innovation. He is certified in Triz methodologies. He will discuss how to integrate the new emerging body of knowledge with set of innovation tools lean and six sigma. Patrick Choquette will present through examples of use of many tools.

michel labrecque

Michel Labrecque

Président, Continuous Improvement Network

Best practices and the continuous improvement network of organisations

For more than 15 years Michel Labrecque facilitated the sharing of best practices between Quebec organizations by a systematic visits of best practices on site; hear what he has discovered.

patrice ouellet

Patrice Ouellet

Président, Coaching Nouvel Angle

The ancient roots of lean management

Lean, continuous improvement, standardization and rigorous practices (shitsuke) were not invented in 20th century; but find their roots in a long tradition of many centuries in Japan’s history. Find out from this unusual presentation that will help you to understand more about the human side of lean.

gilles st-jean

Gilles St-Jean

Director of operations, Glatfelter Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

Hoshin Planning: A key Methodology of Quality Policy Deployment

Few organisations in Quebec have systematically implemented a rigorous method of quality policy deployment. Developed in Japan, “Hoshin Kanri” is a very powerful and structure methodology to organize and execute the quality policy deployment (including daily management). The Glatfelter plant in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada, did it with great success! A very interesting presentation!

yvan bolduc

Yvan Bolduc

Vice-president operations, Axon Integration & development

How to Systematically Integrate Lean Practices to Management of Information Technology (IT)

The information technology (IT) groups and departments have started to implement “Agile” practices including practices like “Scrum” but they are still working with a high level of non added value activities. Lean practices must make more progress in the way IT people works. Come to assist at the presentation of IT practitioner who made the shift of applying Lean in his organization. Don’t miss it considering the importance of IT in our organizations!

Previous Congress Invited Speakers

The following is a line-up of all previous keynote speakers at past conferences held so far from 2009 to 2015.

  • Dr. A. V (Val) Feigenbaum, originator of the Total Quality Management (TQM) concept and world-recognized quality guru;
  • Jim Harrington, Past President, ASQ and IAQ and author of 35 books on quality;
  • Masaaki Imai, President & CEO, Kaizen Institute, Japan; guru of lean management;
  • Sister Mary Jean Ryan, Past President and CEO, SSM Healthcare, St Louis, MO, USA, winner if ASQ Juran Medal and current Chair of the Board, International Academy for Quality (IAQ);
  • Tito Conti, Past President, European Organization for Quality and International Academy for Quality, best-selling author and an European quality guru;
  • Jack West, author, ISO standards management expert and noted consultant;
  • Dr. Su Mi Dahlgaard-Park, Professor, Lund University, Sweden;
  • Peter Merrill, author and President, Quest Management Systems, Toronto, Canada;
  • Jim Milway, Former Executive Director, Institute of Competitiveness and Prosperity, University of Toronto, Ontario;
  • Dr. Michael Rachlis, MD; Best-selling author and Canada’s healthcare policy expert;
  • Dr. Jens Dahlgaard, Professor Emeritus, Linkoping University, Sweden and author of 15 books, editor-in-chief, TQM and Business Excellence Journal;
  • Dr. Rick Holley, Distinguished Professor, Food Sciences, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada;
  • David McClaskey, President, Pal’s Business Excellence Institute, Kingsport, Tennessee, USA;
  • Nancy Pratt, Senior Vice President, Sharp Healthcare , a winner of Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, San Diego, USA;
  • Ron Higgins, President, Wren Consulting Group, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada;
  • Jean-Claude Savard, President, Savard Consulting, Montreal, Quebec, Canada;
  • Ken Miller, Founder, Change and Innovation Agency, Kansas City, Missouri;
  • Diane Dalgleish, Assistant Deputy Minister, Alberta Infrastructure, Edmonton, Canada;
  • Lori Schmidt, CEO, Productivity Alberta, Edmonton, Canada;
  • Ed Kane, Assistant Vice President, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.
  • Jim Laurendeau and Kurt Kadatz of the City of Calgary;
  • Art Daniels, Author, lecturer and former civil servant, government of Ontario;
  • Clifford L. Norman, Quality consultant and Founder, Profound Knowledge Products Inc, USA.
  • Susan A. Muenter, Director of Human Resources for the Pewaukee School District
  • Dr. Verna Yiu, MD, VP, Quality and Chief Medical Officer, Alberta Health Services, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • Jayne Pope, CEO, Hill Country Memorial Hospital, Fredericksburg, TX