This Year’s Keynote Speakers

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Previous Congress Invited Speakers

The following is a line-up of all previous keynote speakers at past conferences held so far from 2009 to 2015.

  • Dr. A. V (Val) Feigenbaum, originator of the Total Quality Management (TQM) concept and world-recognized quality guru;
  • Jim Harrington, Past President, ASQ and IAQ and author of 35 books on quality;
  • Masaaki Imai, President & CEO, Kaizen Institute, Japan; guru of lean management;
  • Sister Mary Jean Ryan, Past President and CEO, SSM Healthcare, St Louis, MO, USA, winner if ASQ Juran Medal and current Chair of the Board, International Academy for Quality (IAQ);
  • Tito Conti, Past President, European Organization for Quality and International Academy for Quality, best-selling author and an European quality guru;
  • Jack West, author, ISO standards management expert and noted consultant;
  • Dr. Su Mi Dahlgaard-Park, Professor, Lund University, Sweden;
  • Peter Merrill, author and President, Quest Management Systems, Toronto, Canada;
  • Jim Milway, Former Executive Director, Institute of Competitiveness and Prosperity, University of Toronto, Ontario;
  • Dr. Michael Rachlis, MD; Best-selling author and Canada’s healthcare policy expert;
  • Dr. Jens Dahlgaard, Professor Emeritus, Linkoping University, Sweden and author of 15 books, editor-in-chief, TQM and Business Excellence Journal;
  • Dr. Rick Holley, Distinguished Professor, Food Sciences, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada;
  • David McClaskey, President, Pal’s Business Excellence Institute, Kingsport, Tennessee, USA;
  • Nancy Pratt, Senior Vice President, Sharp Healthcare , a winner of Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, San Diego, USA;
  • Ron Higgins, President, Wren Consulting Group, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada;
  • Jean-Claude Savard, President, Savard Consulting, Montreal, Quebec, Canada;
  • Ken Miller, Founder, Change and Innovation Agency, Kansas City, Missouri;
  • Diane Dalgleish, Assistant Deputy Minister, Alberta Infrastructure, Edmonton, Canada;
  • Lori Schmidt, CEO, Productivity Alberta, Edmonton, Canada;
  • Ed Kane, Assistant Vice President, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.
  • Jim Laurendeau and Kurt Kadatz of the City of Calgary;
  • Art Daniels, Author, lecturer and former civil servant, government of Ontario;
  • Clifford L. Norman, Quality consultant and Founder, Profound Knowledge Products Inc, USA.
  • Susan A. Muenter, Director of Human Resources for the Pewaukee School District
  • Dr. Verna Yiu, MD, VP, Quality and Chief Medical Officer, Alberta Health Services, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • Jayne Pope, CEO, Hill Country Memorial Hospital, Fredericksburg, TX
  • Renée Laflamme, Executive vice-president, Industrielle Alliance
  • Suzanne Blanchet, Senior vice-president, Corporate Development Cascades Inc.
  • Pierre Malenfant, General Manager, Steris Canada, Beauport (QC)
  • Johanne Maletto, General Manager, Quebec Quality Organization (MQQ)
  • Alain Ouellette, Executive Director, Automazation, GE Aviation, Bromont, Canada
  • Dr. Don Berwick, MD, Founding CEO, Institute for Healthcare Improvement and Former Administrator, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
  • Gary Coles, Senior Vice-President, Administration, Group Insurance, Industrial Alliance
  • Dr. Anne Snowdon, Professor, Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Academic Chair, World Health Innovation Network (WIN), Odette School of Business