About the Canadian Quality Congress (CQC)


The annual Canadian Quality Congress held annually in different cities across Canada offers a unique opportunity for excellence-minded professionals to learn, share, and celebrate the positive contribution that quality business practices make to organizational performance from Canada, around the world, and across genres to share their knowledge and experience in an intimate setting.

The conference is known amongst attendees and applauded for its highest standard of quality of papers selected for presentations following the rigorous double blind reviews, where each presentation has ample time for everyone to connect and interact in a meaningful way in small number of high caliber professional groups for learning, sharing of knowledge and to take home solutions. The keynote speakers have included world’s top rank quality gurus, renowned international personalities, award-winning authors, medalist researchers, sought-after management consultants, and such.

There are many opportunities to have face-to-face conversations with those in attendance including: informal networking, round table discussions with speakers, think-tank sessions and book autograph signing ceremony with keynote speakers and key members of the business community and paper presenters.

Selected papers from the congress presentations are being published every year after a second time rigorous blind reviews in two well-renowned quality management journals published by Emerald Publishers (UK) Limited; one on general TQM topics and the second on healthcare quality improvement topics.

A Best Paper Award and one Most Commendable Paper Award are presented each year during the conference gala dinner.

Within a short span of time, CQC has built a strong network of collaborators to generate integrative value for international quality practitioners. The CQC offers innovative program with thorough research paper presentations as well as very useful practical hand-on success stories.

CQC has an impressive and elaborate academic International Advisory Board made up of international advisors representing major countries and a variety of disciplines. The Technical Program Committee and its Editorial Advisory Board ensures a rigorous review process for the conference paper submissions.

Congress participants

The participants in Canadian Quality Congresses include University Presidents and Vice-Chancellors, world-renowned quality gurus, Mayors, Premiers of host Canadian provinces, officials from Canadian and regional parliaments, city halls, relevant government ministry officers, university deans, medical doctors, nurses, top scholars and professors, PhD students, business leaders from manufacturing and service industries etc. The Congress has been able to invite top notch scholars in the field of quality as keynote speakers.

About CSQ

Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, the Canadian Society for Quality Inc is Canada’s newly-established, non-profit, membership-based organization that promotes quality improvement and business excellence principles, country-wide, and around the world, in all kinds of public, private and voluntary organizations. It’s goal is to build a competitive infrastructure based on knowledge ecology and a culture of social responsiveness in communities for the betterment of human lives.