CEO Discussion Panel

The Chief Executives Officers (CEO) Discussion Panel is an exclusive event whereby only the C-Suite invited executives (CEO, COO, CTO, CFO, CIO), participate and talk about their experiences and background that they have invested in creating high-performing organisations and how they managed to support the best practices in their organisations for improving the outcomes for customers while reducing costs and increasing bottom line.

The Chief Executives Panel is run under the Congress Rules and we do allow press and media to cover the story. Time will also be allowed for audience question and answers on the selected themes.

Three to four panels consisting of keynote speakers and top leaders from various industries have been organized on different themes as outlined below guided by a chairperson. The panel of experts will engage in interactive discussions with the participants and engage in finding a path forward on the issues raised before the panel using real-life stories in dealing with waste-reduction strategies.

The panelists are expected to kick start conversations on the identified topics related to the theme of the congress and generate useful debates, dialogues and discussions on how the tools and techniques of total quality management can help take quality concepts a much higher level.

The Technical Program Committee believes that:

  1. Creating a practical relevance and meaning of quality particularly directed to the improvement needed in everyday life of all citizens are extremely important. Such open and non-scripted conversations open up a dialogue necessary to receive constructive feedback on different aspects of this Congress.
  2. Top managers with eyes focussed on profit and stock market must also listen to professionals and executives who believe in quality and have seen the results. It makes a difference to have top management interested in quality.

2018 CEOs Discussion Panel: Quality and Innovation in Healthcare

List of Panelist:

Candice Manahan

Dr. Curtis Smecher

Dr Fahreen Dossa

Jayne Pope

Dr. Madhav Sinha



A panel of experts on each topic provided views and discussions on current and future trends.