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Conference Planning Committee

Dr. Madhav Sinha
Chairman, 10th Canadian Quality Congress
President, Canadian Society for Quality
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Toll-Free Phone/Fax (US and Canada): +1 (888) 286-4473

Dr. Glen Chapman

Dr. Andrew Rowicz

Dr. Arun Garg,

Jenna Smith – Forrester, Co-chair

Dr. Jennifer Bowerman

Johanne Maletto
Director General, Quebec Society for Quality
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Jean-Claude Savard
Principal, J. C. Savard Consultants
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Dr. Dawn Hartfield, MD
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Editorial and Technical Program

Prof. Vinod Kumar
Jean-Claude Savard
Prof. Jan Myszewski
Prof. Jennifer Bowerman
Jeff Friesen, P. Eng., MBA
Karl Schwab, P. Eng., MBA, PMP, CBAP
Prof. Ashish Thomas
Prof. Rick Edgeman
Prof. Anne Snowdon
Prof. Kristen Snyder
Dr. Ahmad ElSheikh
Prof. Barbara Savage

Registration and office Communication

Ken Eapen
Sara Smith
Beverley Dick

IT Contact and Website Feedback

Michal Przywara