Help Shape the Future of Quality Profession in Canada – Apply to join CSQ’s Board of Directors

As a devout quality professional, you are impacted by many issues of quality of life. The task and responsibility to improve quality of life belong to all of us and it impacts every aspect of our lives, every day. It is all about providing Canadians an opportunity to take a leadership role in the development of the broader concept of quality to ensure that the quality of life improves for everyone for a better future.

This is your opportunity to take a leadership role in the development of a nation-wide, non-profit organization in Canada, the Canadian Society for Quality (CSQ), to ensure the betterment of the future. You have an opportunity to get involved with your ideas and actions and see how it can affect in shaping the future of quality profession.

Who should apply or be nominated?

Canadians with management experience and relevant background in quality fields as practitioners in industries, big or small, public or private – all are welcome to apply. Expertise in one or more of the following areas would be clearly an asset: quality management, board governance, financial, human resource management, accounting, legal, social media e-marketing, website development, communication strategies, writing skills, and other management experience.

Why should this interest me or someone who I nominate?

Becoming a CSQ Board member is a unique opportunity to work with Canada’s quality professionals and leaders from all business sectors. Together you will be developing the right strategies and formulating policies that would position CSQ for its operational excellence. The skills, experience and expertise that the Board members bring to the table will help guide CSQ as it fulfills its mandate and manages the Society as a key public resource for the benefit of all Canadians. Members of CSQ’s Board of Directors are not remunerated for their time but reimbursed for expenses as and where applicable. 

The yearly commitment from Directors includes two in-person meetings in various cities across Canada and regular committee work throughout the year.

Apply or nominate someone you know!

You’re invited to submit your application or to nominate someone all year round. Visit for more information. Please share this opportunity with others who may be interested.

Become a CSQ Member

As a CSQ member, you can make your voices heard for a larger role that each member can play and even a bigger role that all of us can play together in shaping the Society’s and our country’s future! Membership is currently free!

To learn about the great benefits of membership or to apply, visit membership tab at the Society’s website.

About CSQ

The Canadian Society for Quality (CSQ) is a registered, non-profit, membership-based organization established to promote quality improvement and business excellence principles in all public, private and voluntary organizations and to share quality improvement related research and knowledge to help build competitive infrastructure in all communities based on knowledge ecology and a culture of social responsiveness for the betterment of human lives. 

The flagship event of the CSQ is the annual Canadian Quality Congress event that was started in 2009 in Vancouver (in the campus of the U of British Columbia), in 2010 (at the U of Toronto), in 2011 (at U of Manitoba), in 2012 (Carleton University, Ottawa, in 2013 at the U of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta and in 2014 at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg.

Selected papers from each congress are published as special issues of quality journals by the Emerald Publications (UK) Ltd.