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Congress attendance is free to the Press and Media

The Congress is free to the press and media for all accredited and pre-registered personnel, news reporters, and journalists.

Please contact the Congress office for further information on how to get your free passes.

Phone: 1-888-286-4473 (Toll-Free, USA and Canada)


About the CSQ

The Canadian Society for Quality (CSQ) is a membership-based, registered, non-profit organisation of Canadian quality professionals. We share the ideas and tools with all kinds of organisation around the world with similar aim and objectives to make our world a better place.

Founded in 2011, CSQ is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Within a short period of time, CSQ has built its reputation in reaching out and bringing together diverse quality talents and champions from all over this diverse country together, from coast to coast, and from around the world – all concentrating on the same goal of transforming the world’s business activities in all corporations, organizations and communities – all asking for one thing only-let us improve things around us.