2018 Keynote Speakers


Norman Bodek

Teacher, consultant, author and publisher.

He founded Productivity Press and is currently President of PCS Press. No one better understands than him the links between the functional areas of the Toyota management system, and the value of Lean, Kaizen in achieving quality and continuous improvement. He has published over 100 Japanese management books in English, and over three decades, up until 2016, Bodek visited Japan 86 times, toured more than 250 plants and taught the best of Japanese management at Portland State University. He is elected to Industry Week’s Manufacturing Hall of Fame.

Topic: The Human Side of Lean Management.


About Norman Bodek

(excerpted from wikipedia)

In 1979, after working for 18 years with data processing companies, Bodek started Productivity Inc. and Press (which became an imprint of CRC Press) by publishing a newsletter called ‘Productivity’

In 1980, he attended an Industry Week conference in New York, where Joji Arai, manager with Japan Productivity Center, spoke about his role in bringing Japanese business people to the US to study American industry. Bodek asked Arai if he could bring Americans to Japan to study Japanese management. Arai agreed and set up Bodek’s first study mission to Japan.

Productivity Press discovered Shigeo Shingo in 1981 and published some of its first books in 1983 and 1985.

Over three decades, up until 2016, Bodek went to Japan 86 times, visited more than 250 plants and published over 250 management books. As a fortune cookie once told him, “You have the talent to discover the talent in others.”

On his 75th trip to Japan, Bodek met Mr Takashi Harada, who Bodek believed has the ultimate recipe for competing against low-cost labor in China and India. By 2011 the Harada Method had become recognized as one of the most systematic ways to enhance employee development. Harada has been adopted by Kirin Brewery, Uniqlo (retail clothing), Nomura Securities (financial services), The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, and Chugai Pharmaceuticals.

In 2005, Bodek won the Books and Monographs category of the Shingo Prize for Excellence in Manufacturing, a prize that awards companies worldwide that “achieve world-class operational excellence status,” for his book, Kaikaku, The Power and Magic of Lean.

In 2010, Bodek was inducted into Industry Week’s Manufacturing Hall of Fame. The award recognized him as one of a team of “industrial superstars whose collective careers have had an immeasurable impact and influence on U.S. manufacturing.”


Jayne Pope

RN, FACHE, MBA, has served since 2013, as CEO for Hill Country Memorial (HCM) Healthcare in Fredericksburg, Texas.

HCM is a 2014 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award winner. In 2018, the hospital was recognized as a 100 Top Hospital in the US, for the 5th time under Jayne Pope’s leadership. A visionary and strategic leader, she has been recognized by Becker’s Hospital Review for four consecutive years as one of the nation’s 50 rural hospital CEOs to know.

Topic: Sustaining Remarkable Results to be the Best

Achieving the levels of performance and results required to be named a 2014 Baldrige Award recipient is attainable only when the entire team is engaged and actively pursuing world-class performance. Four years later the hospital’s climb to excellence continues. Hill Country Memorial CEO, Jayne Pope defines the hospital’s leadership direction and execution that now, four years later, continues to sustain HCM’s remarkable results the Baldrige Way.

About Hill Country Memorial Healthcare

(excerpted from 2014_Hill_Country_Memorial_Award_Application_Summary.pdf)

Hill Country Memorial’s (HCM) Journey of Remarkability originates from an auspicious heritage. HCM opened in 1971, and ninety-three percent of Gillespie County households contributed to building the hospital.
Today, HCM is a non-profit, non-tax-supported 86-bed general acute care community hospital. HCM is located in the small, Hill Country town of Fredericksburg, Texas, in which original settlers were called to give of their time, treasures, and talents to serve others. Today, hospital employees, physicians, and volunteers reflect diverse backgrounds, but the principal motivation of doing worthwhile work and making a difference is a thriving inheritance.

The result is an organization that exceeds patient needs and helps fulfill community goals. As Fredericksburg has grown, the hospital has paralleled that growth by broadening available services, improving quality, continuing to recruit great physicians, and adapting to health care trends. Health care is being reshaped today, and HCM is not only planning for the future, it is emerging as a leader in this time of health care reform. HCM systematically evaluates and improves its processes, and throughout this application, cycles of learning are reflected with the symbol.

The patients, community, employees, volunteers, physicians, and students are proud of the Remarkability of HCM. Annually, HCM serves over 3,500 inpatients, performs more than 4,000 surgeries, handles more than 15,000 emergency department visits, performs more than 50,000 outpatient diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, cares for 350 Hospice patients and their loved ones at the end-of-life, and welcomes over 500 babies.

The community’s history of consistently supporting the hospital both through time and monetary donations is substantiated by annual volunteer hours that exceed 45,000 and in charitable donations of more than $30 million in the past 16 years. The HCM Foundation, HCM’s primary partner, was founded in 1989 by the community to ensure HCM’s long-term sustainability and works together with HCM leaders to engage the community in strategic initiatives.

Dr. Lawrence Yang

Is a GP with the Surrey-North Delta-healthcare, practicing in the Fraser Health Authority for 15 years. His leadership mindset to work collaboratively in team – based environment is well know to his peers and network of specialized professionals throughout the region. His talk will focus on the impact of leadership on patient experience with respect to a holistic way of embracing all organisational efforts of continuous improvement under one unified system.


Emily Padula

RN, MHI, FACHE, is Chief Strategy Officer at Hill Country Memorial Healthcare in Fredericksburg, Texas.

HCM has been a Truven 100 Top Hospital for the last four consecutive years and is one of two healthcare recipients of the 2014 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. Emily has provided leadership for the Baldrige process and the quality department.

In her previous role as Executive Director of Integration and Outreach at Hill Country Memorial, Emily had executive oversight for the hospital’s “outside the walls” departments, including hospice, home care, and outpatient rehabilitation programs and stewardship of the hospital’s vision to create a healthy community. Her experience includes clinical analytics, healthcare operations leadership, clinical staff education, and patient care.

Topic: Take it off the Shelf: A Strategic Plan that Works

Emily will present methods and tools for developing an organizational strategy, communicating it effectively across the organization, and breaking it into action plans and cascading goals. These include the strategic breakthrough initiative process, the process owner worksheet, quarterly coaching plans, and cascading action plans.


Dr. Eric Cadesky

MD CM, CCFP FCFP, is the President of Doctors of BC (formerly the British Columbia Medical Association.) and a clinical assistant professor at the University of British Columbia.

He is the founder and staff supervisor of the Narrative Medicine Student Interest Group that teaches UBC students how to write in order to improve their communication and medical art skills and he has published quality improvement success stories in several countries.

Topic: What we talk about when we talk about quality?

We all have an idea of what innovation looks like and the changes it will bring. So how do we reconcile the different futures that we all envisage? In this keynote address, Dr. Cadesky will summarize the work we have to do and they ways we can do it.

About Doctors of BC – A Brief History

(excerpted from https://www.doctorsofbc.ca/who-we-are/our-history)

Doctors of BC was founded in January 1900 as the BC Medical Association with Dr R.E. McKechnie, a surgeon from Nanaimo, as President. The Association was founded on two primary principles; the first to guard and strengthen economic security and second to promote education so that the best medical minds had a forum to share the knowledge of the profession. Membership was open to BC doctors with an annual fee of just $2.00. The first annual meeting was held in August of 1900.

The association has had a rich and storied history. Dr Brad Fritz, who has been a Doctors of BC Board member for nearly 40 years, has written a short history of Doctors of BC since 1965, when BC’s first government-sponsored medicare program was introduced. Based on many interviews and exhaustive research, The BCMA, Then and Now: A Selected History from 1965 to Doctors of BC tells many of the colourful stories that illustrate how the association became what it is today.

With the Strategic Plan implemented in January 2014, the Association sets forth clear goals that will see us do the work they’ve always done but also places a greater emphasis on achieving quality patient care by promoting engagement, collaboration, and physician leadership. With these goals in mind, the Association took on a new name—Doctors of BC. The new name defines who the Association represents and works for—the doctors of BC. When doctors work both together and collaboratively with health care partners, they can make a meaningful difference.

Previous Congress Invited Speakers

The following is a line-up of all previous keynote speakers at past conferences held so far from 2009 to 2015.

  • Dr. A. V (Val) Feigenbaum, originator of the Total Quality Management (TQM) concept and world-recognized quality guru;
  • Jim Harrington, Past President, ASQ and IAQ and author of 35 books on quality;
  • Masaaki Imai, President & CEO, Kaizen Institute, Japan; guru of lean management;
  • Sister Mary Jean Ryan, Past President and CEO, SSM Healthcare, St Louis, MO, USA, winner if ASQ Juran Medal and current Chair of the Board, International Academy for Quality (IAQ);
  • Tito Conti, Past President, European Organization for Quality and International Academy for Quality, best-selling author and an European quality guru;
  • Jack West, author, ISO standards management expert and noted consultant;
  • Dr. Su Mi Dahlgaard-Park, Professor, Lund University, Sweden;
  • Peter Merrill, author and President, Quest Management Systems, Toronto, Canada;
  • Jim Milway, Former Executive Director, Institute of Competitiveness and Prosperity, University of Toronto, Ontario;
  • Dr. Michael Rachlis, MD; Best-selling author and Canada’s healthcare policy expert;
  • Dr. Jens Dahlgaard, Professor Emeritus, Linkoping University, Sweden and author of 15 books, editor-in-chief, TQM and Business Excellence Journal;
  • Dr. Rick Holley, Distinguished Professor, Food Sciences, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada;
  • David McClaskey, President, Pal’s Business Excellence Institute, Kingsport, Tennessee, USA;
  • Nancy Pratt, Senior Vice President, Sharp Healthcare , a winner of Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, San Diego, USA;
  • Ron Higgins, President, Wren Consulting Group, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada;
  • Jean-Claude Savard, President, Savard Consulting, Montreal, Quebec, Canada;
  • Ken Miller, Founder, Change and Innovation Agency, Kansas City, Missouri;
  • Diane Dalgleish, Assistant Deputy Minister, Alberta Infrastructure, Edmonton, Canada;
  • Lori Schmidt, CEO, Productivity Alberta, Edmonton, Canada;
  • Ed Kane, Assistant Vice President, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.
  • Jim Laurendeau and Kurt Kadatz of the City of Calgary;
  • Art Daniels, Author, lecturer and former civil servant, government of Ontario;
  • Clifford L. Norman, Quality consultant and Founder, Profound Knowledge Products Inc, USA.
  • Susan A. Muenter, Director of Human Resources for the Pewaukee School District
  • Dr. Verna Yiu, MD, VP, Quality and Chief Medical Officer, Alberta Health Services, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • Jayne Pope, CEO, Hill Country Memorial Hospital, Fredericksburg, TX
  • Renée Laflamme, Executive vice-president, Industrielle Alliance
  • Suzanne Blanchet, Senior vice-president, Corporate Development Cascades Inc.
  • Pierre Malenfant, General Manager, Steris Canada, Beauport (QC)
  • Johanne Maletto, General Manager, Quebec Quality Organization (MQQ)
  • Alain Ouellette, Executive Director, Automazation, GE Aviation, Bromont, Canada
  • Dr. Don Berwick, MD, Founding CEO, Institute for Healthcare Improvement and Former Administrator, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
  • Gary Coles, Senior Vice-President, Administration, Group Insurance, Industrial Alliance
  • Dr. Anne Snowdon, Professor, Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Academic Chair, World Health Innovation Network (WIN), Odette School of Business